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Secure your Ocean & Inland shipments effortlessly online with fixed container shipping rates and a loading guarantee, providing clarity on arrival times.


Momentum manages your complete warehousing and distribution logistics, spanning from our strategic network of storage facilities, ensuring we meet your customers’ demands effectively.

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Our Customs Services cater to every importer and exporter requiring customs clearance, expediting the process at both origin and destination.

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Momentum always provides services in a way the partners will be 100% satisfied.

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Our own asset


(IMO: 9113874) is a Bulk Carrier and is sailing under the flag of Sierra Leone. Her length overall (LOA) is 150.52 meters, and her width is 26 meters.

Chartering background

MV Momentum Phonix (OWNED)
MV Rising Harrier (VC)
MV Euro sun (VC)
MV Ocean Arrow (3 CVC)
MV Best Traveler (VC)
T&B combination: Sahand Fars + Pars Lian 6 (TC)
T&B combination: Bahador 101 + Rasel (TC)
T&B combination: Rahnavardan1 + Neinava1 (TC)

Cargo movement solution

Before deciding, it’s advisable to request free proposals from us, our offer will conduct thorough demonstrations.
Additionally, consider us as professionals which is familiar with maritime logistics to ensure that the chosen solution aligns with your business goals. We always consider the scale of operations, and the unique needs of your business.
Our offer always consisting of below key factors for you to overview in our offered services:

Comprehensive Services
Real-Time Tracking and Visibility
Safety and Compliance
Integration Capabilities
Customer Support
Customization Options
Risk Management
Industry Reputation

Technical management

The Marine Vessel Technical Management plays a crucial role in ensuring the seaworthiness, safety, and efficiency of marine vessels under their supervision. we have a strong understanding of maritime regulations, technical expertise, and effective management skills.
A Marine Vessel Technical Management is responsible for overseeing the technical aspects of marine vessels, ensuring their safe and efficient operation. Our services are typically consisting of:

Maintenance Management
Technical Support
Regulatory Compliance
Budget Management
Performance Monitoring
Vendor and Supplier Management
Safety and Environmental Compliance
Documentation and Reporting
Training and Development
Emergency Response

Operation management

The Marine Vessel Operations Management plays a critical role in the efficient and safe functioning of maritime operations. we have a comprehensive understanding of shipping logistics, international trade regulations, and effective management skills to ensure the success of vessel operations. We are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operational aspects of marine vessels to ensure smooth and efficient maritime activities. Our services are typically included:

Vessel Scheduling
Crew Management
Cargo Management
Communication and Coordination
Compliance with Regulations
international shipping protocols
Weather and Navigation Monitoring
Emergency Response
Documentation and Reporting
Budget Management
Customer Service

Combined sea and rail transport solution

Combined transport optimizes the supply chain, offering a versatile solution for efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally conscious freight movement. Combined transport is a logistics solution integrating different modes of transportation, such as rail, road, and sea, to optimize freight movement. Our services are typically included:

Intermodal Integration
Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness
Compliance and Specialization
Tailor-Made Solutions
Reduction of Congestion

Spare parts supply

We are involved with specialized spare part supply business, able to enhance our position as a reliable and efficient spare part supplier in the maritime industry, being a professional spare part supplier for marine engines, auxiliary engines, pumps, valves, navigation equipment, and other items used on merchant vessels made our business to act a critical role within the maritime industry. Our offer is unci to use but not limited to:

Diverse Product Range
Quality Assurance
Global Reach
Online Presence
Customer Support
Inventory Management
Partnerships and Collaborations
Regulatory Compliance
Marketing and Promotion
Continuous Improvement
Customer Relationships
Emergency Services